Meowdel welcomes you

You may wonder why you need to adopt a Meowdel in NFT but not in the real life, well actually you can do both but the physical one will never give you the same experience. Adopting a Meowdel offers you a “money can’t buy experience”!

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What is Meowdel?

Meowdel, your best companion in the Metaverse which brings you not only a PFP but more than that, a membership, a status, utility, and more…

Each Meowdel is unique, based on hundreds of well-designed elements that characterize a bullish crypto enthusiast. Entering the community means joining a family that believes in the future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Meowdel is an exclusive NFT community owned by a group of Meow lovers. Meowdels have decided to come out from their hermit mode to conquer the Ethereum Blockchain with their overwhelming creepy face. 

What is the Exclusive Membership Pass?

To adopt your Meowdel (yes, even though it looks creepy), you may simply get an Exclusive Membership Pass (EMP), as an early adopter to gain early access to mint before the public sale.

Each EMP offers you member-only benefits, not only whitelisting but also eligibility to future airdrops, early access to the Meowdel’s Partner, exclusive discord channel, and more VIP benefits in the future. The holder of EMP will be entitled to mint the Meowdel before the public sale, as well as the Meowdel’s Partner (to be announced) in phase 2. 

EMP = Pre-sale of Meowdel (2 Meowdel / Pass) + Airdrop

We have plenty of activities in the pipeline and are rolling them out with a solid plan. Stay tuned for more updates and our surprises from time to time.

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The team is here to build a community sharing benefits, love, care, and real privileges. This is just the beginning, embrace the changes and be a change-maker! Buckle up and we are launching to the moon very soon…If you have missed the last blue-chip project, then don’t miss this one!

An Early Adopter


Exclusive Membership Pass (EMP)

Get your free EMP (only gas fee)
1,888 Limited QTY


Discounted Mint

EMP mint at lower price
Each EMP is eligible to mint 2 Meowdel



As EMP holder Receive the airdrop for free


More privilege to be announced

Don’t miss the chance to change your life

What’s there!?


Head accessories





Infinite combination of elements. Nothing is ordinary here.



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Stage 1
1 February, 2022
Exclusive Membership Pass (EMP) Sale (Done)
Stage 1
Stage 2
13 February , 2022
Meowdel Pre-Sale (EMP Holder Only) - Price: 0.06eth (Done!)
600 – Marketing & Giveaway
Stage 2
Stage 3
Partnership & Collaboration
Partner with BAYC / MAYC / Clone X holder

Physical exhibition / Holder Benefits / Sandbox / F&B Partners

More to be announced...
Stage 3
Stage 4
Launch of holder's only merchandise

Meowdel Tee / Meowdel Figure
(Limited to holder only)
Stage 4
Stage 5
25 February, 2022
Meowdel Whitelist + Public Sale

WL Price 0.08eth / Public Price 0.1eth
Stage 5
Stage 6
March, 2022
Meowdel Gal Launch

Price (TBA) / QTY (TBA)

Airdrop to EMP Holder (Item: TBA)
Stage 6
More to come!
We are preparing it from now already...

Breeding (Meowdel + Meowdel Gal)

$Meowdel Token launch
(For breeding / staking / redeeming merchandise / joining offline party and etc.)

Stake-to-earn developement

Begin to develop Meowdel World
More to come!



Meowdel Gal




Richard C.

Co-founder of Meowdel, the owner of a corporate group with operations in restaurants, cosmetic & beauty, fashion labels, salons, and more; he wants hopes to build create a companion for everyone in the Metaverse and obviously he loves cats too.

Alan L.

Co-founder of Meowdel, with almost two-decade of experience in technology, A.I. development, and programming; he likes Meowdel and owns 4 lovable cats in real life.

Jennifer L.

Co-founder of Meowdel, she is an animal person who loves all animals. She wants to build a Metaverse with all kinds of animals including those extinct. As the crypto expert leads her to the Metaverse and wants to share her knowledge with everyone.

The K.

We call him Dr. K, the smartest co-founder in the team as well as the project consultant, he is the professor leading a team of researchers in developing an A.I. program working on NFT. He wants a robot Meowdel as his companion in the Metaverse. (Oops did we disclose the fur of the Meowdel…whatever!)

Donut R.

Community Manager, more than a decade of experience in Marketing, Donut proposes a massive but targeted marketing plan and interesting campaigns to launch the Meowdel, stay Calm as you might see overwhelming advertising or even celebrities having a Meowdel.

Adriano C.

The designer of the Meowdel, experienced in working with a multitude of international brands, particularly in street fashion, art & culture, and luxury brands. He is a low-profile person and doesn’t want to be too popular especially after the launch of Meowdel. You will know what we mean when you see the Meowdel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exclusive Membership Pass – 992
Meowdel – 1,555
Meowdel Gal – TBC

The Exclusive Membership Pass – free but gas fee only.
Meowdel – 0.06 eth (EMP holder) / 0.08 eth (Whitelist) / 0.1 eth (Public Sale).
Meowdel Gal – to be announced.

The minting site will be announced on our official discord channel, please join and get the latest update.

Be EMP owner.
Gain whitelist on our discord channel.
Win from giveaway.

1. Whitelist of Meowdel
2. Exclusive airdrops
3. EMP only channel on discord
4. Early access to the upcoming launches (Maybe breeding, utilities, staking and…? who knows?)

More information will be announced on discord soon.